You are contacting me, a healer, because you have an issue you feel needs outside help: a disease, out of control emotions, fear that doesn’t resolve itself, a troubled marriage, an inability to connect with others, a job that pays the bills but doesn’t nourish you, etc. You wish to transform to a better, more balanced person. You know you can’t do it alone. Welcome, you deserve to be held.


I listen to your personal story, hold you, and choose a healing that goes to the root of your troubles.


With a well-chosen healing, you are placed in balance. This will refocus your thoughts so that you can more clearly address your pain, fear, and disease, in order to capture your authentic self. This can take time. You didn’t arrive at this state overnight. Be tender with yourself.


With the tools given to you during the healing, you will become your truest self. Ready to tackle the challenges of life with confidence and an open heart. Now you can soar easily with joy and love surrounding you, never to be alone again.

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