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I’d love the opportunity to meet you and get to know you, and what you’re going through. I’m ready to share my own journey with you, and how I came to the healing arts. This work has been a passion and spiritual drive of mine for many years. Thank you for connecting with me by watching my video below. I’ve also included a text transcript underneath.

Video Transcript

Interviewer, Berniece German: This is Sandee Port, and I know Sandee as a fabulous healer, and I would like you all to hear her story. Sandee, can you tell us how you got into healing, please?

Sandee: Well in my case, the catalyst in my life was my son Mackenzie. He was adopted at two days old, but he was not diagnosed until he was 11 months old. But we just knew he was not moving around like he was supposed to. And at that time they diagnosed him with Cerebral Palsy. And so, I was like, being a mom… I was going to do everything I could for my son.

Sandee: So I contacted my sister in Washington State who is very much into alternative medicine and she got us an acupuncturist out of Boulder. That was lovely Forest… Lee Forest Knowlton. And from there we went to a talk with Barbara Brennan who was introduced to one of her healers, Melanie Brown, and we started seeing her. She was trained with many modems, the most important one for me, at the time, was Chi Kung healing touch with Damaris Jarboux out of Boulder. So I was living in Golden, so… I’d go trekking down highway 93 for about 3 years learning about Chi Kung healing touch and seeing the differences in my son.

Sandee: By right, he was supposed to have a cranky personality, and instead he was happy, vivacious, smiliest guy in the room and I knew that, you know, the healing had a lot to do with that. And he was, you know, just a happy guy. And he was also – everything about him – was in a more healthy place.

Sandee: Then I was noticing that Melanie was doing some other kinds of healing on him that I knew had nothing to do with Chi Kung. I was intrigued, so I started asking her about it. And this teacher was Jason Shulman from A Society of Souls in New Jersey. Kabbalistic training. And I went, “Oh my god,” I just knew that was my next teacher. So there we go. I started going to, flying to New Jersey. You know when God speaks, and invites you, you don’t have a choice. You go. And it was extremely expensive, and the money always came, you know. Comme ci comme ├ža, it was always by the seat of the pants. It was hysterical, in some ways. But I always knew I was going. I never gave up on the fact that I was going. Because it was beautiful, wonderful work, and another modem.

Sandee: And I could see that doing the Kabbalistic on Mack, along with Chi Kung because everything gets married after awhile, that Mack was like… I always tell people he’s the healthiest kid in a wheelchair. Because he doesn’t have seizures, he doesn’t have secondary health issues. They can have heart stuff, Mack could’ve easily had lung stuff, but that got eradicated way near the beginning. And of course we were on top of him in all levels. But he’s beyond healthy and very happy. Very happy. Of course, he also sits with God 24/7. You can’t do this work and not sit with God, and that is my son. That is my son.

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