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My name is Sandee Port, and Tunkura Healing is my purpose made manifest.

The Journey to Today

Sandee Port, HealerMy healing journey didn’t go in a straight line. I was not in the medical field. I was a couture dressmaker and designer.

We adopted our son, Mackenzie, in April 1992. A year later he was diagnosed with cerebral palsy due to a prenatal stroke. In trying to give him the best possible chance in life, I turned to alternative medicine along with the traditional approach from Children’s Hospital Colorado in Denver, CO.

At 16 months old he started acupressure with Lee Forest Knowlton in Boulder, CO. When Mack was 4 1/2 years old, I attended a Barbara Brennan workshop in Aurora, CO. She has a famous school in healing touch. Barbara Brennan had a conversation with a grandmother in the audience who had a brain damaged grandchild, and through this exchange I was led to Melanie Brown, a graduate of Barbara Brennan’s school.

After a year of both of us seeing Melanie Brown, Melanie encouraged me to attend the Body Energy Center in Boulder, CO with Damaris Jarboux. I graduated on 7/11/99 and took advanced classes for 2 more years with Damaris Jarboux and James MacRitchie.

My next teacher was Rabbi Jason Shulman of a Society of Souls. He teaches integrated Kabbalistic Healing in New Jersey. I attended 4 years, graduating in June 2006 and also took 2 years of advanced courses in impersonal movement.

Healing is the most Me thing I have done in my life. I have helped clients with a variety of medical issues: double lung transplant, triple heart bypass, postpartum and prepartum psychosis, leukemia, kidney failure, etc. As my four mantras suggest: we connect, I receive your personal story, the healing integrates in you, and you soar. The best healing is a collaborative process. We do the healing together, but you do your homework to break old patterns that don’t serve you. The object is for you to be a fully integrated person, exhibiting your authentic self.


At The Body-Energy Center in Boulder, CO, I was taught Chi Kung (also written Qigong) healing touch by Damaris Jarboux from June 1998 – July 1999. This was followed by 2 years of advanced Chi Kung by Damaris Jarboux and James MacRitchie.

In Newark, New Jersey, I was taught Integrated Kabbalistic Healing by Rabbi Jason Shulman of A Society of Souls (ASOS) from September 2001 – June 2006. The was followed by a 2 year advanced course in Impersonal Movement.

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